Wow… if I was planning on being here for New Year’s… I’d definatly find my way to Boston. Avalon has DJ Micro, John Debo, Michael Whalen, Dave Ralph, DJ Nailz and Mario Lima… plus a couple of local guys who aren’t very good… but I’m not going to be here, I’m going to be in TX with Lauren, which makes me happier. I think I’ve already seen the best DJs on the planet this season, I don’t think any show, New Years or not, could top it. So I’m pleased to be spending my New Years with someone I love. Actually, this will be the second New Years in a row that I’m in TX.

Ok, for lack of a better topic, I’m going to mention the weather. Yes, the weather. Or lack there of. It’s been consistantly warmer than usually in the eastern parts of the country this winter. Thank goodness that’s about to change. Two affilates in Boston plus those bastards over at the Weather Channel are predicting 2-4″ late Saturday night and into Sunday. Further south, around Boston, it’s predicted to change into rain by dawn but that the snow further north (here) would probably stay. HUZAH!!! Finally some freakin’ snow! I hate green Christmas’, I really do. To make me happy there must be a good foot or so of snow on the ground while I’m opening presents. It’s just the way it has to be. Hopefully we’ll get some more and it won’t warm up again. I guess we’ll see.

I just stumbled across QCD (Quintessential Audio Player). It’s actually kind of interesting. It’s not going to replace WinAmp when it comes to MP3s but it’s a very stable, very clean and easily skinnable player with all of the audio format options of Winamp. I really like a few of the skins so I might use it for playing WMAs or CD audio. It’s pretty cool. Check out the program here. And then check out some cool skins under the “applications” section of DeviantArt.

Last but not least. Trillian was finally updated. The instant message program I’ve been using which covers AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO and IRC. The only downside to it was that it didn’t have file sharring. Well, fear no more. Trillian v0.70 finally has file sharring. Woot! Plus I think it’s the first program to have cool skins already there instead of having to download more… which of course I did anyways 🙂

that is all.