What a random afternoon. After blabbering for a bit (see below) I got a call from my Dad. His truck wouldn’t start and he needed a ride. So, I went to pick him up. Unfortunatly, the directions I got from him weren’t even close and I ended up driving around for at least and hour and a half. After that we needed to run errands and since his truck wasn’t starting, I became the taxi. I didn’t really mind though, I didn’t have anything better to do. So, sometime around 3, he finished what he needed to do and I dropped him off at home, only to be bombarded with irresponsibility insults relating to my loan/school situation. This was something I did not need. I sat there being berated and eventually left the house around 4. I wondered over to the mall to see if I could find Lauren something nice for X-mas. I kinda-sorta found something but I’d like to get something else to go along with it. After that I stopped by EB and hung out with those guys for a bit, listening to Brent’s girl troubles and more district manager bashing. Ah, I miss the retail life… well, not really, but it’s still nice to visit. So, I got back a little while ago and help my Mom get down the Christmas decorations and now I’m taking a break for some dinner and some blogging. I guess thats about it. Later.