Well. Last night was fun. I got to hang out with Chip and Big Dave. I hadn’t seen Dave in a while and it was cool getting to “shoot-the-shit” for the evening. Dave is one of those cool people that understand that “artistic motivation” isn’t exactly something you can explain and that art isn’t just bullshit. Anyway, we got a bit to eat and then sat around Valvcon talking about everything from graphic design to paying for college.

As for this afternoon. I finally got to see the end of Behind Enemy Lines. I’ll be fair in saying that the story was ok and the acting wasn’t half bad, but to be honest, this movie sucked. Now, it did have it’s good moments, but it wasn’t good enough. This movie failed in the same way that Three Kings failed. Shitty cinematography. Period. The DP and the director pulled out all the “trick shots” humanly possible. Slow-mo, tilt and swivel, quick cut, everything. Even down to the “inside something” shot used in, you guessed it, Three Kings. One scene stands out in my mind. Our main character is trying to get away from the bad guys and is wondering through an industrial/warehouse section of town. There is no danger, he’s eluded the bad guys, yet the camera follows the action as if they were hunting down criminals in an episode of Cops on TV. They couldn’t borrow a friggin’ steady-cam for the afternoon? No, of course not. The problem wasn’t with the shot, I suppose that “style” has it’s place, but this wasn’t it.

Anyway, it was “ok” in the end but it left me fairly disappointed. I should have gone to see Spy Games instead. I’m told it’s better, but then again, I was also told that this movie was good. Go figure.

After the movie I stopped to get some gas, a bite to eat and then headed up to Nashua to continue my exhaustive search for “the perfect gift”. I don’t think it exists. I was given $100 to spend on myself but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I did pick up a cd but that’s hardly $100. I snagged Deep Dish: Moscow over at Newbury Comics. I had been meaning to get it for a while and never had the money. Since I was told to buy my own birthday present, I figured that would do. Happy almost birthday to me. I’m not big on buying myself “presents”. Don’t get me wrong, if I’m out and I see something I want I’ll probably get it. But the concept of “giving” to myself seems very foreign. Whatever.

So, it’s Saturday night, and I’m chillin’ on the couch, waiting for Chip to give me a call back. Allegedly it’s “fun night” so they may be doing something. Who knows. I’m going to go listen to my new CD now. Later.

Current tunes: Deep Dish: Moscow
Current mood: sleepy