Well, I’ve never actually used that much Latin in one evening. Last night was St. Marks annual Christmas Carols night and my mother wanted and needed someone to go with her, so I volunteered. You could defiantly tell that the program had been thought up by someone from the High Church because there were robes and candles and Latin aplenty. Anyway.

The whole reason we were down there was because Steve (my brother who goes to St. Marks) wanted to go into Boston. I wanted to check out Urban Outfitters since there were having another “%50 off the entire store” sale. After that we went across the street to Cardullo’s and then back out to Alewife. The reason Steve had wanted to come is because he was looking for a present for his girlfriend. Since he hadn’t found anything, he asked if we could stop at the mall that was between Boston and St. Marks. It was only a quick mall trip, thankfully, but he found something nice and we were on our way. Then it was time for carols, then home. That’s pretty much it.

I’ve got two random little web links today. First one was discovered by Big Dave and passed on to me. E-Lance is a really cool freelance services site. Artists make bids on jobs and if the people looking to get work done like the proposal they accept the bid. Then the artist whips up whatever their supposed to do ( logo design, web pages, graphics etc) then send them to the client. Then they get paid. It’s kinda cool. Anyway, if any of you graphic designers are looking for a few extra bucks. Check out E-Lance, it’s well worth the $25 to join.

Lastly, Nagle passed this one on to me, it’s the Resident Evil the Movie Poster Contest. You can download a bunch of production stills from the movie and try and put them together into a cool movie poster. If you win it’s a cool $2500, a copy of your poster and a screening of the movie in your home town. Nifty huh?