Well, it finally happened. I actually got my haircut. After 6 months of putting it off and it being down to my shoulders, I finally got it cut. The top actually stayed relatively the same and so did the sides. The main difference is that now the back stops just above my collar.

This has been Matt’s self absorbed moment for the day. Thank you…

Anyway. Other than that, it’s been pretty borring around here. My folks left this morning for a hockey tournament and won’t be back until tomorrow. I’m just sitting around the house making mp3 cd’s for my trip next week and watching some tv. It’s cold and rainy/icy outside so I don’t really plan on doing much tonight. Maybe I’ll get Domino’s to deliver. Who knows?

I’ve got a couple of random things to share with you…

First, this one happened right in my back yard, sorta. I guess that a few members of a warez group were located in Londonderry NH. The other day FBI agents raided the homes in search of incriminating evidence. I don’t think any arrests have been made, but you can check out the story here.

Second, along the same lines, this one happened a few days ago, but I had to find a decent enough link to a story. Apparently, the FBI has confirmed the existance of project “Magic Lantern”. It’s apparently a FBI controlled computer virus that records keystrokes, sends them back to the FBI and then opens up a back door for the fed’s to search you’re computer remotely. Evil huh? Check out that story here.

I thought those were important enough to mention. Ok, I’m outta here. Later.