Well, I never quite made it to the movies last night. Chip came over around 7:30 and we ventured off towards Nashua, stopping at Applebee’s for a quick bite to eat and then over to the mall for no real reason whatsoever. I had originally wanted to get a little x-mas shopping done but when I checked my balance it was -$0.91, which is not a good thing. I do have $250 to deposit tomorrow, so it shouldn’t be a problem. I guess shopping will have to wait until the weekend. Oh well. We did meet up with Jason but he wasn’t able to go to a movie so we compromised and went back to Jason’s apartment to watch a DVD instead. That was about it.

We did have a long chuckle about the stupidity of some people nowadays. I’m speaking of course about the author of this. I can’t honestly believe that this could be legitimate. I’m fairly sure it’s not. If it is, then its a sad example of how out of touch some people are with reality. Anyway.

As for today, I’ve got a few options. Obviously I should probably go to the bank before I get zapped $25 for having an overdrawn account. After that I was considering going with my folks to a hockey tournament but I wouldn’t be back until 9 or 10. I don’t know if even I can put up with high school hockey for that long. My other option is to hang out here and work on ideas for blogproject.com, which I’ve been wanting to do all day, that and finish off some new Photoshop projects I was working on. I’m considering getting a hair cut too. My hair is almost down to the tops of my shoulders. I was going to get it shortened just slightly and layered a bit, a la Richard Gere or Obi-Wan Canobi (episode 2 style). Who knows. I’d just like to change things up a bit but I’m not happy with any haircut I’ve had in the past year. Oh well. Ok, sleepy time. Later.