Well, a few things going on today.

First, its my Dad’s birthday. Happy B’day old man. hehe. Just kidding.

Secondly, I’m still trying to get some sort of email working here at the house, I’ve run into two obvious problems. I don’t have a modem for my machine and I can’t check my mail from my parents machine. I tried installing Eudora on their machine but I can’t get a secure connection to the mail server. I turn on SSL and it still gives me the generic message “unable to establish connection with server.” Swell. So, since I can’t install Outlook on this machine (don’t ask) and Eudora isn’t working I decided to try and “borrow” their modem for a few minutes. Bad idea. Not only is it the most obsure modem in the world and Win2k doesn’t have drivers for it, the cd with the drivers on it is obviously no where to be found. So, no modem and no software equal no email. I’ll try and figure out something, but it’s looking grim.

You know, it’ll be funny when I check my email in January and I won a contest or something and only had a few days to claim it… I’ll be real happy then…

I’ve also figured out that this page only looks bad in about two browsers. Netscape 4.6 or lower looks like ass, and IE 4 or lower but only for Mac. Anything else looks fine. Odd. Oh well. Can’t make everyone happy. I thought it was a bigger problem with NS in general but Mozilla and NS 6.0 or higher looks fine. Just older Communicator versions and the ocasional Mac browser. Nagle and Lauren, how’s it look on yours?

So that’s about it. Today I’m just kinda sitting around. I think I might go to Manchester later, to the Mall of NH and start X-mas shopping, but I dunno. Maybe I’ll give Chip a call and see what he’s up to. Later.