*Update from the road*

Well, original plans had me getting home tomorrow… but, that’s not going to happen anymore. Let me explain. Well, actually, let me start at the begining.

On the 19th I flew into Houston, spent two days, including my birthday hanging out with Lauren before leaving on the morning of the 22nd. We drove for two days across the beautiful Texas landscape, through New Mexico and into Durango CO. We spent four great days playing in the snow, having fun. We went skiing, snow-mobiling, sleigh-riding, all that good stuff. Unfortunatly, the fun ended on Friday night. We were shopping downtown when Mr. Arolfo slipped on the ice and broke his leg in three places. That facilitated a trip to the hospital and surgery. He’s still there as we speak. This obviously complicates matters a bit. We can’t leave. I can’t get back to NH and so on. So, the tenative plan now is to drive back to Savannah with Lauren directly from TX. Which isn’t to bad. My dad is planning on driving my car down and dropping off my stuff. So that’s cool. I’ll give Pete a call and hopefully he’ll be able to be there when my dad drives in. Also, if Mr. Arolfo gets out of the hospital a day late, then Lauren and I have to drive the two days to TX then the two days to Savannah IN A ROW. That would suck. Hopefully he gets out on Wednesday. At any rate, the situation sucks but we’re all dealing. I’m trying to help out the Arolfos as much as possible and we’ll get through it. Oh, did I mention that classes start on Monday. Yah. More fun to the mix. We’ll see how it works out. Sorry boys, I won’t be able to hang out this week. I’ll let everyone know how everything is going if I can but I probably won’t be able to check back in until Savannah, which, if you’re doing the math, won’t be until Monday. Ok, gotta run. Wish me luck.