This afternoon, something horrible has happened. A little bit after I woke up this afternoon my mom got a phone call from her brother in Canada. He said that their mother, my grandmother, had just had a heart attack and that they were rushing her to the hospital. Through-out the afternoon, the relatives in Canada kept us up todate. Last we heard the situation wasn’t very good. My grandmother went into cardiac arrest, either from the heart attack or a blocked artery. They revived her and installed a temporary pace-maker until they could determine the cause and what to do about it. Hearing this, we started packing for Canada. Now, I’m scheduled to fly to TX on Wednesday and so, to be able to do this, I’d need to fly from Helifax Nova Scotia to Boston and then to TX. I realized at this point that I would need a passport in order to get back into the country. I don’t have a valid passport. I couldn’t go. My family packed up the car and just left moments ago on their 16 hour trip to Canada and I couldn’t go. This upsets me greatly. I had thought about getting a passport a few months ago but I neglected to do it. I would have been able to go if I had. Everyone else in my family has one except me. I’m upset at this point. I love my grandmother very much. Unfortunatly I don’t get to visit my Canadian relatives all that often, but I feel like I should be there at the moment. But, I’m here. Alone. I’ve made arrangments with a shuttle service to drive me to Logan on Wednesday. It seemed the sensible thing to do. I don’t quite know what to say. I’m in a bit of shock so you’ll have to excuse me.