So, to get on with life. Let’s get back to what I’m good at. Talking mindlessly about DJs and Counterstrike, as Nagle likes to put it. And so I shall.

Check this out. The Top 10 Ways To Tell If Your Child is a Hacker. I found that over at usr/bin/grl and thought it was funny shit. Worth a read.

Also, Nagle pointed out a nifty page on screenwriting for those who are down with that. Check out’s Screenwriting page.

Cool stuff for those hard to shop for college kids… check out Urban Outfitters. You know you want to.

Those into game design and discussion of such would probably want to check out the Game Development Search Engine if they haven’t already. I was particulary interested in the 3D game engine section since I was looking for a free engine to play around with.

And because a post wouldn’t be complete without some Counter-Strike stuff, CSNation has given themselves a face lift, check it out for you’re always continuing CS news.

And last but not least… don’t mess with the little yellow rodent… “cause Pikachu just knocked you the fuck out!