One day to go. I’m feeling better about the whole thing, realizing that somethings are just out of my hands. Last I heard from Canada, they were still figuring out how to proceed or if to proceed. As for me, I’ve gotten 98% of everything done. All thats left to do is repack my bag to make it a little lighter, find my old ski cloves and to remember to set an alarm for the morning. Also, my sudo-birthday present to myself from myself but paid for by my parents will be here shortly. At least that’s what seems to think so. Joy. I’ve also changed my schedule next semester for school. A “History of Jazz” class opened up, and since I need history credits, why not. I dropped poetry which is a shame because I wanted to take it, but I already had an english elective and it wouldn’t have helped me graduate. Plus this way it makes my course load a little lighter so I can concentrate on solid work in Studio and really beef up my portfolio. Its a compromise I can live with. Anyway, so that brings us to less than 24 hours till lift off. I really starting to get amped for this. I can’t wait to see Lauren, ski some powder and relax in the beauty of the Rockie Mts. I’ve been wanting to do that all my life. Ok, I’ll check in before I leave. Later.