Note: the post below this one was supposed to be uploaded on Sunday, but it didn’t happen. Not like its a big deal or anything.

As for today’s real post…
I didn’t really have a grandeous scheme for the afternoon. I planned on spending my gift certificate (thanks Aunt Lisa) and heading to the mall to shop for Lauren for X-mas. I don’t know if I’ll get to that however, because my Dad caught me just as he was leaving the house. He told me to do a few loads of laundry, call two loan agencies about loan applications, and to wait around until noon because some lady had called and wanted to talk to me about my FAFSA application. Now, I didn’t plan on doing any of this, but I figured I might want to stick around for this lady to call back. I swear to God, if they’ve messed up my application AGAIN, there’ll be some screaming going on.

Now, let me explain WHY. You see, when you don’t have enough money to pay for college on your own, like me, you need to find some way of paying for it. So, you first fill out a FAFSA, or Fedral Application for Student Aid, or something like that. Basically you’re asking the government to help you out. They usually don’t but atleast you give it a shot. After that you turn your attention to other loan sources. Privately funded loan corporations that give you money in exchange for higher interest rates on the payback. Usually, these companies need to see that you’ve applied with your FAFSA before they can process anything, so it’s imporant to fill that out as a first step. Now, along that way, there are a few pot-holes that your application can get stuck in. The main problem being that you don’t contact these people directly, you send your paper work to your college of choice, they fill out the line that says how much you need and then send it back to the government or the companies. So, if your school finacial aid office sucks, like mine does, this can take a little while. Sometimes, they might really suck and accidential misplace your application. Well, there are hundreds of possible ways your schools financial aid office can suck or screw something up, and in the past 4 months, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing ALL OF THEM!

I’ve had things lost, returned incomplete, mismailed, filled out incorrectly, not turned in on time. Basically, this year has been a financial aid nightmare. And if some lady is calling today at noon to tell me more bad news, she’s made a terrible, terrible mistake. It’s not her fault I keep telling myself, don’t shoot the messenger, but, who do you shoot? Someone needs to be informed about their offices blatent stupidity. I have no problem with walking into the office itself and raising a stink, I have before, and I’m suprised security hasn’t been called, but at the moment I’m not in GA. We’ll see what this lady has to say, maybe it’s “congradulations, we’ve awarded you a huge sum of money”, but I doubt it. Let’s all cross fingers shall we.

Lets see, what else. Oh, I finished my new book. Damn my quick reading skills. I bought a book the other day and sat down to read it last night. Around 9 Lauren called and I talked to her for a good two hours before saying goodnight and returning to my book. Around 12 I realized I was on page 140 of 210 and said “what the hell” and just kept reading until I finished it. It was a “tear-jerker” too, I was getting all misty-eyed at the end. It was short but it was pretty good. I almost hate to admit that it was by the same author that wrote “Message in a Bottle”. But, check it out if you’re in the mood for a cheesy old fashion love story. I was, so I picked up “A Walk to Remember” by Nicholas Sparks, which by the way, will be ruined this spring by what I’m sure will be a sappy teen romance flick by the same name, it’s set to hit the big screen after new years.

Ok, I’m gonna go spend a gift certificate and hop in the shower. Later.