Ladies and gentleman. An error has been made. The comments of yesterdays post contains the phrase “Matty”. This is a term of affection towards me and the exclusive rights and privilges to the use of this term are given exclusivly to Lauren. This is a sensitive subject and is not to be taken lightly. Lauren, fearing that she was losing me to some other girl responded in the natural manner anyone who expect. I love Lauren, and no other. She is the most wonderful and perfect girl I have ever known. I have every intention of making her my wife. No other girl could possibly compair in any catagory. I love her with all my heart. You all know that. This is very serious and I’m very concerned. I fear that somehow my relationship with Lauren was damaged in some way. If this should ever happen, I couldn’t bear to live. I never wish to lose the one love of my life. My hope is that people are more careful in the future in choosing their words. This is directed at one person specifically, but it applies to everyone. I’m going to call Lauren now, and hopefully try to repair some damage that one persons careless, though thoughtful comments have caused. I did appreciated the “cheer up” comments, but the rest was out of line. My appologies. I hope this matter is straitened out. Good day.