Hey kids. Namuch going on in the world ‘o Matt. I stopped by my uncles last night and they gave me my birthday gift. It was a very nice watch. Then they gave me the receipt and said “go exchange it because we didn’t know what your “style” was.” So, I’ll probably do that today. Besides that, I really don’t have anything planned. Milford is a very borring place when no one’s around to do stuff. People are either working or still not on break from school. Oh well. More “me” time I suppose. I think I’ll go buy another book at B&N. It’ll be my third this break. I’ve already finished off The Acid House by Irvine Welsh and A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. So whatever I’ll get will make three. I read when I’m bored, which is a good habit I suppose. Better than watching the idiot box for hours on end. Ok. Shower, food and clothes time. Later.