Briefly. Not much of anything going on. I had lunch with Chip and Dave. It?s always good to hangout with friends like that. I should do it more often. I was also supposed to go to the mall with Chip but something went wrong during a server upgrade at work and he needed to stay and fix it. Oh well. So, I hung out here. I actually came across a really really great TV show. Bravo has a series called simply “Biography”, not to be confused with A&E?s Biography. Anyway. This episode was on the magicians Penn and Teller. Now, I love these guys and have always wanted to see them live, I hear the show is amazing, and after watching this special that certainly hasn?t changed. These guys are cool. There was even a section about Penn?s custom, self-designed house. All I can say is that I need a house like that. I has something like 30 secret rooms and twice that in “trick” features. Things like windows hidden behind paintings or moveable walls that reveal additional space in a room. Anyway, they?re definitely cool guys and the episode is definitely worth checking out. So, if you have Bravo in your local cable package, look for it in reruns.

So, with only 8 days until I leave for TX, I don?t really have much to do. I?d like to get a haircut, but I don?t care either way. I?d also like to see Oceans 11. Everyone?s saying its really cool and I?d like the chance to see it before I go. I?d also like to see Lord of the Rings, but I?ll be in flight when it opens. Oh well. I guess I?ll see it when I get back. I would see it when I?m on “vacation” but you can see a movie anytime so why spend valuable vacation hours doing that when you could be enjoying wherever you are, which in my case would be TX and CO.

Ok, I?m sleepy. Time for bed. Later