An odd and unfortunate thing has happened. Excite has declaired bankrupcy. I know what you’re thinking… “so what?” Lemme explain. Excite runs Excite@Home, naturally. Excite@Home provides service for dozens of major cable modem providers across the country. When Excite declaired bankrupcy, they had to shut down their service, thus shuting down cable modem providers and cable modem users across the country. I have a cable modem. At the apartment, we use Comcast@Home. Comcast has signed a deal to extend the service, but only for three months. Meaning, if it’s not already disconnected, in three months it will be. Hense, by March, I’ll have no internet service. My only hope is that another company buys Comcast and continues service. But since Comcast is still a major cable TV provider, I doubt that will happen. I may have no internet connection soon. This is not good. If my roommates are reading this, we’re going to need to find an alternative within the next few months. Start lookin’ boys, I know I have.