Alright. FUCK THIS! I’m being attacked on my own fucking website. This is ridiculous. Lets cut the bullshit.

1. Lauren calls me “Matty”, she likes to be the only one to do so.
2. Heather used the word “Matty” as a friendly gesture, not knowing of it’s personal “pet name” nature.
3. Lauren got jealous.
4. I, not wanting to have a jealous girlfriend, explained the situation, bluntly.
5. I was harsh yet very clear in my explanation.
6. Nick took offence and defended his girlfriends right to assemble letters together into words.

Congratulations! We all win a cookie for being the most sensitive bunch of assholes I’ve ever seen. My self included. I have talked to Lauren and she knows that Heather is a friend and not competition. I have also made it clear the nature of that particular “pet name.” The tone I said it in was harsh and for that I’m sorry. I am not however, sorry for saying any of this, any of what I said yesterday, or any of what I’ll say in the future. It was a “bad day” all around and although that is no excuse, it certainly didn’t help matters. But lets get something perfectly strait. This is a website that contains a personal yet public journal. If I’m not going to share private thoughts what’s the fucking point of having it. I do not and will not justify my posting of anything to anyone, ever. I have never compromised anything I’ve ever written for an English class, for a teacher or for a job and certainly have no intensions of doing it in a group of friends. I value my friends very highly and hope they understand the situation. A friendly gesture of kind words was taken in the wrong context and it’s been dealt with. Deal with it ’cause I’m not in the mood.