You ever have one of those days where everything goes wrong…

“…so, every day that you see me… that’s the worst day of my life.”
” wow… thats messed up.”

I didn’t get a “Day Lab” from overnight check out because the girl infront of me got the last one. I forgot to get paper for class and had to make an emergency dash to the store. I woke up late and had to speed down Abercorn to get to class. I had to fight for 10 minutes for a parking spot. Now, since I didn’t get the “Day Lab” I have to spend all afternoon here in Bergen instead of going home and sleeping like I want to do.

There is a small upside. Very small… but tasty upside. I’m talking about new BLUE KMX!!! Yes, thats right, my favorite extremely caffinated beverage is now available in “Blue” flavor. Go get some! Ok, class time now. Knowing me, this will probably go wrong too.