Well kids… I’m officially broke. Today I reached the limit of my credit card for the first time ever. You see, this wasn’t the original plan for how this semester would go. Originally, I was going to get a fat refund from my school loans and use it to pay off any supplies that I put on my credit card. So, the begining of the semester came and went, the loans were in “processing” and I was buying supplies with the good’ol Visa. Then, the loans didn’t work out, then the reapplication process startes, then the paperwork was messed up, etc etc. Point is, my credit card was supposed to be paid off a month ago and it never happened. So, today, trying to buy supplies for my final, it got denied. Great. So, I tapped into my always low bank account, bought some film and should be good to go. Problem with that is, I used money I was supposed to buy groceries with. So, I’ll starve but be able to make pretty pictures. Nifty.

Oi. But before all that, there was class. Color went ok, the critique was borring as usually but at least I had gotten my project done on time. Digital was the same and we have started working on the final in there, which, is also what I’m going to be shooting with the film I purcased. So, this weekend will be a shit load of work. Great. I hate finals. A lot. At least I don’t have it as bad as Jason, who, by tomorrow morning, has to have an 8 page paper done which he hasn’t started.

Oh well. Besides that, nothing much is going on. Everyone is cranking for finals, no time to play. I have a constant headache, which is probably stress induced but I dunno. Lauren is coming over tonight to make fagitas, so that’ll be tasty. After that I’ll probably watch some hockey and figure out how I’m going to go about setting up for a photo shoot with a budget of 0$. Wish me luck.

Current Mood: Stressed