Theres so many random things to mention, I don’t know where to start. Wait. Yes I do. The Diamondback won the World Series! Yippee! I’m not a DB fan really, I’m merely a Red Sox fan who just enjoys seeing the Yankees lose. I will give both teams credit though, it was an awesome game. A classic “one run down, bottom of the 9th” scenerio. Awesome, truely awesome. I think it’s perhaps the best baseball game I’ve watched in a long long time. Huzah! Check out for all your news and info.

Elsewhere, my girlfriend rules! She comes over and makes cookies for me and then watches the rest of the game. How cool is that? I love my girlfriend. To quote one of my favorite movies: “Theres a million fine looking women in the world dude, but not all of them bring you lasanga at work” (or bake cookies for you either). Have I mentioned that I love my girlfriend. And no, it’s not just for the cookies, it’s everything else to. Love ya cutie!

Lastly. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER SUCKS! …*pause* … A LOT!!! Lemme explain. Since I installed 2K over the summer, I’ve never upgraded to the recent version of WMP. Why? Well, because I hate it. It’s bulkey, it’s a resource hog, it’s horribly designed, it doesn’t play anything right and it’s proprietary file type (the shitty WMA’s) is purhaps the most half assed, poor qualitied excuse for a media file since VOX. Damn it’s bad. But, today, stupidly, I ran windows update, and without thinking, allowed it to upgrade Media Player. Big mistake. Not only can I NOT reassociate my Axis CD Player with CD audio but it grabbed control of any file that possibly contained sound or motion and won’t let go. I was watching a 40 minute PVD video yesterday in fullscreen with no problems. Today, I can’t fast forward without having WMP lock up. I hate this stupid piece of shit. Anyone know any alternative players that don’t completely suck?