Suck… I’m bored. Not with life or anything, just with current computer games. This winter is going to seriously suck for us PC gamers, all the attention is on the new console war. X-Box vs Game Cube vs PS2. I could really care less. The X-Box is to over priced for me, the Game Cube is simply going to suck and the PS2 will still win with it’s large developer support and already huge game library. I wouldn’t mind any of the three… if I got them for free that is. I simply don’t have the cash flow to get back into console gaming again. Anyway, that brings me back to PC games. I’m bored. Have I mentioned that? I’ve played CS to death and cheating little ass wipes are ruining it for us true believers, I’ll wait for CS:CZ or HalfLife 2 to play again. In the past few months, since this summer, I’ve beaten Diablo II (again), Red Faction, Grim Fandango, Operation Flashpoint, Max Payne, UT: GOTY edition, and an entire season of Triple Play. I’ve also played Tribes 2 to death and have been killing time by playing HL mods like Day of Defeat, Box Wars and most recently The Opera. I’m not big into Online RPGs, so what does that leave me? Nothing. All the games my buds are currently playing are things like Acherons Call (sp?) Everquest and Dark Age of Camelot. Thats good for them, but like I said, I’m not really into online RPGs. I like RPGs enough, but I don’t have the extra time to become addicted to something like that. Someone please suggest something to play! I’m a half step away from dusting off my Total Annihilation and Rainbow 6 CDs!