SHIT SHIT SHIT! I just missed AMD Extreme tour coming to Atlanta. It takes 4 hours to get there and it’s nearly 2am. The thing starts at 6. Crap. Ok, for those of you who are wondering what the hell I’m talking about… AMD (the computer chip people) are giving away thousand of hardware packages, whole systems, etc at random locations across the US. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt sort to thing. They post the next location on the web site (here) a little bit before the event. Then they give out tickets to whoever is there at 6, then give tons of free stuff to the lucky winners. If you do the math, odds are there would only be a couple hundred or so people there, and from what I’ve heard, they give away around 200 boxes of stuff. Even if there’s 400 people who got up at 6am, thats still a 50% ratio. Thats damn good! Anyway, I was going to drive to Atlanta if it came there ( I figured it wouldn’t come here) but I checked the website to late. Oh well.

Ok, sleepy time calls… caffine wearing off… night night.