Today I spent a good portion of the afternoon waiting for Jason to get off the phone. He had asked me to go with him to Best Buy to buy a new stereo for his car. (it was stolen when his car was stolen) Anyway, Melissa called him sometime around 2:00 and they talked until well after 5:00. How cute. Atleast I had time to shoot part of my photo project, watch “PCU” and play some Red Faction. Then, after getting off the phone, and deciding he still wanted to go, we headed out to Jason’s car and found that it wouldn’t start. The ignition will turn over if you give it a lot of gas but you couldn’t let up on it. Once it settled back down to an iddle, it choked and turned off. We did eventually go to Worst Buy so he could look at radios, but feeling down because the Jeep wouldn’t start, he didn’t get anything.

After that we headed back here and I settled down to play a game of Red Faction when I realized that game 6 of the World Series was on. Silly me. Good thing I turned on the TV too, or else I wouldn’t have seen Arizona kick the Yankee’s ass 15 – 2! Yah! While all that was going on, Jason and Pete were installing RF so we could play a little LAN game. Well, Jasons worked fine, mine obviously works fine, but Pete’s was having some trouble. There’s a random error when you’re playing with mixed OS’ (Win 98 & 2K and XP against each other) that mentions something about incompatable game data when you try to connect to a server. That was Pete’s error when he tried to connect to me and Jason’s game. How unfortunate. There is a patch out and it reportedly fixes it, but it didn’t seem to work in our case. Bummer.

I will however, say that Pete’s machine has been having some problems and has had random network issues in the past and that this isn’t really a big surprise. I don’t think his machine likes new things. It took him two installs and two reformats to get 2K to be somewhat stable (it’s a very stable OS) and in the past he was never able to connect to UT games with me and Jason. Even at this moment, he can’t see us on the LAN. How odd. I dunno. I’ve tried to figure it out over the past two years with no luck. Hopefully, we’ll all get those much needed upgrades over the coming months and everything straitens itself out.

As for myself, I’m just sitting here typing, feeling very pleased about the baseball game and even more happy about the 40 minute Paul Van Dyk video I found. Yah! The internet will never cease to amaze me. Anyway. I was faily productive today, so I don’t feel all bad. I did get a roll and a half shot. As for tomorrow, I dunno. I was hoping to see Lauren a little but I know she’s working hard on her paper. I think I’ll just get some random stuff done. I’ve got bills to pay, my room to clean, stuff like that. We’ll see. Later.

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