Random quotes of the day:

“…no, the question is, exactly how many KMXs can I drink before my chest explodes” – Matt

” shit, this needs to be signed by my father, who is in Memphis… I’m not IN Memphis, for all of you who are keeping track.” – Jason

” class, THIS (holding up Matts work) is the level of perfection and craftsmenship that you can achieve with Photoshop ” – Prof. Christman (matts photo teacher)

Well… I’m feeling slightly better. Lord knows how long it might be before the caffine wears off, but hey, what the hell. I was pleased with the response to my Photoshop project (obviously) and even had time to get out early again, run downstairs and print a few Poloroid type 669 prints before leaving for home. Nifty.
Tonight I’ll turn a few of those Poloroids into emulation lifts for class on Weds. Tomorrow I’ll need to go back and work on a few “image transfers” but that should be no problem. Ok, I’m going to try and nap now, but odds are that won’t happen. Later.