Ok, onto newer and less harmful (cause Chris will probably beat me to death) topics. Check this out. It’s an online comic about a guy named Matt. How interesting. Hehe. Actually, if you read through the comics and the back issues, its really good stuff. I’ve been reading it for a day or so and I’m really starting to dig it.

Oh sweet goodness… he’s at it again… he’s finding fonts and downloading them by the hundreds. You simply don’t know what “load time” is until you wait for Matt’s font collection to initilize when you start Photoshop or Corel. Damn! At any rate, for you closet font-o-holics, check this out. Tons and tons of font-ish goodness. Mmmm, tasty.

Speaking of tasty… theres not mention of KMX Blue on the KMX Website… Odd… I wonder is Savannah is the test market for yet another thing. Who knows. Chris… have you seen this stuff yet?