Ok, another random question: Does anyone know where the fucking plug-in menu for 3DS Max is??? I know this sounds like a stupid question, but I’ve always done everything by hand and never bothered to use any plugins. I found a copy of “Creature Creator” and wanted to play with it but it says to simply select it from the plugin menu. Well, umm, I don’t have a plug-in menu. I’ve got the usually stuff: File, Edit, Tools, Group, Views, etc. But not “Plug-ins”. I see that it’s loaded from the “Plugin Manager” but you can run anything from there. I know how to use render plug-ins, like “Film Grain” and stuff like that, but I’ve never tinkered with creation plugins. I should really sit down and get to know this program inside and out cause stuff like this makes me feel like a dumb ass. Dave, any help here???