Matts new analogy:

“Ok, what if suddenly Kodak decided to buy Agfa, Fugi and Ilford, thus becoming the worlds largest and most powerful photo product supplier ever. First, good old black and white products would discontinued in favor of more eXPert lines of color products. Then they would divide all their products into consumer and Professional versions, charge twice as much for the pro products and cripple the quality of the consumer products even though they’re still essentially the same. They’d claim that you could get more with the Pro packages but you’d only get the extra chemical features that should have been in the product in the first place. Then, after getting everyone to invest in one set of chemicals and papers, they’d change the formulas and of course none of the old stuff would be compatible. Eventually they’d just destroy the whole line of products anyways and usher in a new line of digital products. Of course they’d keep around the reall really shitty compatition so that the Justice Dept wouldn’t get on their backs. Companies that have interesting products but no chance in the market place. Of course they wouldn’t be compatable with the new chemistry, just to make things harder. Damn, don’t monopolies suck.”

This has been Matt’s Analogy of the Day. Sorry Chris, I’m still miffed about Media Player. And incase no one figured it out… I was talking about good’ol Micro$oft. Later.