How odd, comments seem broken again. WTF?

Anyway, yesterday was very productive. VERY. I spent 8 friggin hours in the darkroom printing my final. I got there at noon and didn’t leave until after 8pm. I did get a lot of cool sutff done though, and I am a slight step ahead since I won’t have to panic and try and get things done at the end of the week. Go me!

It’s kinda funny, but you learn so much from being in a darkroom for that amount of time. For example:

-Girls take more “nudity” pictures than guys do. I’m serious. Over the past 3 years, more than 2/3 of the people to like working with “skin” have been girls, at least in my classes. Some of them even go so far as to reinforce the “super model” stereotypes and display other women as the preverbial “piece of meat”. All I know is, there were 5 people printing “portraits” last night. All of the photographers, with the exception of myself, were women, all of the subjects were women and all of them were nude except for mine. Who’s reinforcing stereotypes huh?

-Also, the more caffine you drink, the more you can see in the dark… or at least think you can. On the same note, Blue KMX still isn’t as good as Orange KMX. Good, but not as good.

-Techno, preferably trance, is the perfect music for the darkroom. PVD’s – Seven Ways double CD, Sasha – both Global Undergrounds, all awesome darkroom music.

-Lastly, try not to over-print things at the begining of the semester. That way you avoid running out of paper when you need to for a final.

Ok, I’ll get around to posting some of the prints for my final in a little bit. But, right now it’s food time. Later.