Hey kiddies. Another day another photo down here in sunny GA. I actually got some work done. After 3D class Lauren came over and we made some pasta and then headed off in seperate directions, myself heading to the photolab. From there I preceeded to whip up a half dozen image transfers. Combine them with my emultion lifts and the SX-70 manipulations I did and everything didn’t turn out half bad. All this was for a single Poloroid assignment which was the only thing seperating me from starting my final project. I think I’ll start shooting that this weekend. Print it next week and wrap up everything by next weekend. *Fingers Crossed*

Also, for those of you who don’t know, the new Paul Van Dyk album came out the other day. Rockin! Now I have yet another thing to buy once I get home. Newbury Comics, here I come!

Speaking of music. For you techno lovers… check out tranceaddict.com. It’s a nifty little site which houses full trance and techno music videos (alway a rare thing) and more live mixes than I’ve ever see outside of a file sharring program. Anyway, it’s worth a look.

Ok, sleepy time calls. Later.