Hey. It’s Thrusday again, which means that this week (month, year) is flying by. Tonight I’ve got a large photo shoot with Lauren which will probably take up a good portion of my evening. I’ve got 20 or so new ideas for interesting pictures I’d like to set up. Hopefully they’ll turn out well. This afternoon I’ve also got 3D class, which should be a breeze, I finished the project we’ll be working on and so I’ll probably get to start the next project early. I’ve I get ambitious I may finish it this weekend so I won’t be worrying about it next week. I’ve also got to do something about my money situation so that I have enough for supplies to finish my photo final.

This semester has been kinda weird in terms of work load, its been very speratic. I get tons of work on week, then nothing for the two weeks after. Odd. Either way, it all comes down to this and I hope everything turns out ok.

Lauren did a nifty thing last night and got me something to cheer me up a little. She got me an awesome chop-stick set and a stone lantern and tea-lights. My girlfriend rules. Not because she gets me stuff or cooks me dinner, but because she cares enough to try and cheer me up and make me feel better. Love ya honey!

Elsewhere, Jason got his car back, which is cool. The insurance company paid for all of the repair work, thinking it had something to do with it being stolen. They even paid for things that were obviously just wear and tear, like new spark plugs and a new battery. Cool.

Ok, time to get cleaned up and waste two hours in a class room. Later.