Hello there. Well, I got the film back from the photolab. Things look good for tomorrow, I should have lots to print. I didn’t get the infared film developed though, but I will on Monday, the lab I went to couldn’t do it. Anyway, tonight Lauren and I will be doing a bit of dancing, should be fun. Then some well needed sleep. I think both of us are over-tired and stressed out.

This is random, but incase you ever need to do something interesting with potatos, check this out.

Also, I’ve just join PayPal. Why? Well, because I figured I’d like to give something back to you guys, but I’m too cheap to get it myself. That, and you’re helping me out so that I can become a better photographer by getting better equipment. So, every month, I’ll have a new nifty item to give as a reward to whoever donates the most. A little “I’ll scratch you back if you’ll scratch mine”. Some basics though: The total amount donated every month would have to be more than the prize itself… let’s say a minimum of $15, total. Second, I don’t mind shipping things over seas, but if the shipping cost is to high, you may just get a nifty digital version of something instead of a t-shirt or a cd. Those are too bad are they? Anyway, I’ll finish setting that up this weekend. Right now it’s dinner time. Later.