Yup, I’m a Photoshop God. Lets do some math, shall we? My class has 10 people. 10 people should account for 10 finished projects. This is in a perfect world. Today, there was only 1 finished piece, and, wouldn’tcha know it, it was mine. So, I got a personal critique from the professor and some of the other students. Not only was it “good” but the professor asked if I was planning on majoring in computer art instead of photography. I was pleased. I would show it to you, but the smallest I’ve been able to down-sample it to is 25M, so, I don’t think it’ll happen. You’ll just have to trust me when I say it looks cool.

So, after that, the professor was so pleased with me, that he let me go home. The other kids had to stay and work on their project until they were done. Hehe. I rule!

So, I got home, opened the door, and was nearly floored by the worst smell ever. The ever so popular “stinky kitchen” had found it’s way into my home. So, I quickly took out the trash, did some dishes and opened every window downstairs. It’s almost gone.

While I’m on the subject of kitchens, I’d like to tell you a little story. It’s the story of a poor little glass pot. This pot was very loved and well liked among the other dishes as well as by it’s owner, Matt. Matt liked his little glass pot since it was the perfect size for making Ramen Noddles or Mac & Cheese in. Life was grand until one day (about three weeks ago) when Matts roommate Pete desided he wanted “butter noddles”, one of the most vile and evil things you can do to perfectly good noodles. So, Pete cooked his noodles in the little glass pot, ate his dinner and then walked away, leaving the poor little pot in the sink, dirty and all alone. And there it sits, three weeks old, STILL COVERED in what was left from that dinner, still unwashed. Why? Why? Because common sense is apparently in short supply this month and people are forgetting to do the most basic things, like washing their fucking dishes! I refuse to clean it. I’m not my roommates mother and I will NOT clean up after them. If they don’t do it soon, I’m going to leave it on their bed, or their car, or in their bathroom until they get the hint. ARG!