Yup, emultion lifts rawk! I’ll tell you about’em later, they were just explained to me. Anyway, I didn’t get ANY sleep last night so I’m a little tired at the moment. Never fear, caffine is here. I tried a can of “WhoopAss” which, while better than Sobe “Adrenaline Rush”, still sucks. I also finally figured out what was wrong with my flash. Huzah! Now I can start in on my assignment for color. I think it’s due on Monday, so I’ll have to crank in the darkroom this weekend. But thats ok. I’ve got a few ideas for shots. Hopefully they’ll work out. This assignment is also about experimentation so it’s not like I can’t seriously mess something up and pass it off as intentional. But, I’ve got a pretty good idea about subjects and lighting, it’s just a matter of actually shooting it. Ok, I’ve gotta check something on my zip disk before class. Later.