Woot! Guess who fixed things. Yups. Me! There are still some minor things to work out, but I think that for the moment, this will have to do. Eventually the image in the corner will be random and the colors on the sides and in the “time” down below will match, but those are just minor things. Good news is that I fixed the comment system, I finished the sub-pages, I fixed the text and I’m semi-happy about how it came out. Now the real fun begin again. Sorry about being flakey this weekend, I had a lot to do.

Anyway, on with my random little life. First off, the Ani Difranco concert has been “moved” not cancel. Unfortunatly its been moved to SC and a longer drive away. About 3 hours longer. It’s not that I wouldn’t drive the 3 hours, I would, and have, but I’m a tad disenchanted with this concert now. It’s nice that they’re putting one on anyway, but I had gotten nice seats for the original one, and I think the new one is general admission. Which is fine, but not when I paid $50 for seats and the kids in SC paid $20 for GA. I think I’ll just see about getting a refund.

In other musical randomness, Savannah isn’t void of techno after all. Well, on the radio at least. Every Saturday night, on 103.3, there’s a program called “Club Z” and it’s mixed live by DJ Capt.Ken. Which, btw, happens to be one of the silliest DJ names I’ve heard in a long time. But thats beside the point. It may be crappy house-techno, but at least its techno.

In movie news, it’s a good thing I waited to buy Monty Python & the Holy Grail. Their finally putting out a special edition around x-mas. Also, the new Godfather box set is out (and I want it badly) and the Moulin Rouge DVD is set to come out in December. Huzah! What a great season for movies.

Speaking of movies. I just finished watching “Harvey” with Lauren. A really great little flick staring James Stewart. Great movie. It starts out a comedy and adds in Zen-like life comentary along the way. Nifty. Already added it to my wishlist. (man, what a shamless plug…)

Anyway, it’s bedtime. Later.