Well, today should be pretty cool. I’ve got 3D class later then Lauren has invited Jason and I over for dinner. From the sounds of it, it’ll be a tasty chicken dish. Yum! After that, Lauren, Hallie and myself are going downtown to see Shrek. I haven’t seen it before but everyone’s been telling me it’s really good. It’s a SCAD thing, so it only cost a buck, so even if it does stink, it only cost me $1.

Ok, I’ve also suspended work on the new design, at least until after mid-terms, I simply don’t have time at the moment.

I also inspired Chris the other day with my mix and last night I sent him some DJ stuff and he probably stayed up have the night mixing. Go Chris! You’d better send me what you come up with.

Ok, gotta get ready for class and figure out how I’m going to get this stuff to the building. I’ve got bits and pieces of computer circuit boards scattered everywhere. Don’t worry. I’ll post pictures when this thing is done. You’ll like it, promise. Later.

Current Music: Norman Cook Essential Mix from Amnesia in Ibiza
Current Mood: Good… like a NINJA!