Well, today is October 5th, which just happens to be Nagle birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAGLE! We’ve got a little something planned for tonight, nothing big, just some food and friends but it should be fun anyway.

Besides that, I’ve got a few things to work on today. I’ve got 9 Photoshop collages due on Monday which I haven’t started. But, you know me and Photoshop, it shouldn’t take very long. After that, Lauren and Nagle get to star in a Skinny White Boy Production (Jason’s movie) which they’re shooting around 2:30. I have to go to a meeting for the SCAD Web Radio around 2, but it shouldn’t take very long.

After that, a little hanging out and relaxing, maybe some more homework if time allows. Tomorrow however, I’ll be in the darkroom for a good portion of the day. Probably until the afternoon. I’ve got 4 prints to make from slides and they take forever. I’ve also gotten some ideas for a new set of pictures I need to take, so that should be good. In between all this I’ve got to finish putting together my 3D project. Yah. Let the fun of midterms begin.

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