Well, today is 3D class. The class I didn’t go to on Tuesday. Why did I not go you ask? Well, I didn’t really need to. I had everything done and didn’t quite feel like getting out of bed. Bad reason, maybe, but was it fun? Definatly. So, today I go back, still ahead on my project but with a small presentation to do on Cindy Sherman.

Now, I know who Cindy Sherman is but for those of you who don’t know, she’s a photographer who takes mostly self-portraits but dresses herself up as a different character each time. Now, the interesting part comes in when I realized that my teacher wanted me to talk about her “installation art” and stuff relating to 3D class. Umm, hello? She’s a photographer. ph-o-to-gra-ph-er. Say it with me kids…

Anyway, I looked and looked for something she might have done that would be considered “3D” and couldn’t come up with anything. So, I asked one of my friends who had done an 8 page paper on her last year. She’d never heard of any installation pieces. So, I went a step higher and asked my photo professor, he said he hadn’t ever heard of anything either.

So, now I’m sorta stuck. I can certainly talk about her photography and BS my way through that. But if he asks questions about her 3D work, I’m screwed. Oh well, it’s not like this is even worth a large grade or anything. And it’s certainly not worth my time worring about it. Pla.