Well shit. I guess I’m just going to have to break down and buy a flash. I never really liked using a flash, it always looked rather “fake” but today in color we learned how to use one and not suck… so I might have to order one from B&H. And on that note… I have no idea what flash to get. Usually I’m good about this stuff and have a constant working knowledge of all of my equipment and what things to use with them, but seeing as how I never use a flash, I’m a bit lost. I know I need a “manual or non-TTL” flash that fits into a “hot shoe” but what the hell does that mean? Every flash I’ve looked at is TTL and I don’t know if they have “manual modes” or not. Nikon recommends their own flashes for their cameras (obviously) but their “SpeedLight” models start at $150 and go up. Arg. I’ll figure it out… I’ll just have to find the damn technical specs for my camera (which I own, but I have no idea where I put them).

In other randomness, I got an ego boost in Digital today. I believe the comment from my teacher was “Damn, well, no one will ever accuse you of being an underacheiver”. I was pleased. Oh well. The assignment wasn’t very hard, so I got it done quickly, and after finishing it I kept going. So I had about 12 versions of an image that I only needed 3 of.

I’ve got to remember to go to the Bursars Office after class and make sure my loan stuff went through. I wonder if they’ll screw me and I’ll get money for next semester instead of this semester? Leaving me having to pay for this semester out of pocket (or rather on credit cards). I bet they will. I bet I’ll have a nice chunk of money sitting there but they’ll say that I won’t have any more by January so that I’ll need to use that to pay for next semester instead of paying myself back for this semester. Damn, I hate money. Or, more acuratly, I hate people that control my money and don’t tell me why, when or if I’ll ever see it again.

Lastly, its a damn fine day today. Its about 65, breezy and clear. Man, this is how life should be. I’ve got that nifty jacket on again and I plan on taking a walk to the Bursars Office instead of driving. It’s that nice. Ok, break time is over, back to class I go.