Well, Lauren and I just got back from seeing K-PAX with Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. It was actually better than I expected and much deeper. I won’t get in to much since it would ruin it for you, but there are several cinema aspects that the director decided to use through out the film. First, and most obviously, is Kevin Spacey’s acting and ability to deliver dead-pan/dry-whit humor with a strait face. His sarcasm is refreshing and well received. Secondly, the movie focuses on light as a part of one of the subjects and as such, in nearly every scene, light is manipulated, reflected or cast in some way to make it more “special” and apparent. You’ll see what I mean if you go see it. Also, the cinematography was awesome as well as the “pacing” and the subconscious “return to the beginning” at the end. Lastly, the movie had a deeper social commentary undertone that was done very well. Spacey, as playing an alien, is able to comment on humans and human behavior in ways that we couldn’t. It too, it very well done. My only negative comments would be directed towards the ending, and I won’t discuss specifics since I’d ruin it, but for a split second you think that one things has happened and you’re satisfied with it, then, a small dose of reality kicks back in and it doesn’t quite match. You’ll see what I mean. Anyway, it was highly enjoyable and well worth seeing if you have the time.

Elsewhere, I went to the darkroom before the movie tonight and was able to get a fair amount of work done. Enough so that tomorrow I won’t have to work over time and be there all day. I’ll let you guys have a peak at the prints tomorrow, they’re really coming out well.

Lastly, remember to set those clocks back. Then again, if you’re on a computer (and you obviously are) it probably already did it for you. Oh well. G’night.