Well kids… things seem to be working. At least for the moment. There’s no telling when I’ll break something again though. So, opinions? Who likes the site, who thinks it stinks, suggestions, comments etc?

Along the same lines, the style tags are appearing perfectly here at the lab. Points go to MacOS X for that one. Besides that I don’t think there’s to much that needs fixing. I may widen the page a tad. I think it’s at 400px at the moment. We’ll see how 500 looks.

Besides page stuff, today has been rather borring. I had a critique in Color that went quite well, and I got a fairly decent grade on my midterm. See, taking “art” tests in rather stupid in my opinion. Nothing that you know or can represent through art can be easily put in the form of a question for a multiple choice test. So, you’re left with meaningless historical facts to memorize and little bits of technical information that you’ll never use. Oh well.

Ok, it’s nearly time for Digital. After that I’m heading home for my usually afternoon activities: A nap and a Hot Pocket. Mmm. Later.

Current mood: Bored but good (and happy the friggin page is fixed)