Well, I finished my digital stuff after much hatred towards photoshop in general. I really don’t understand the reason for half the assignments. For example, we had to make 9 images total. 3 “torn paper” collages, 3 sureal image collages and 3 “merged” collages. Now, all three of these are complete wastes of time and teach me nothing other than what Photoshop shouldn’t be used for. Why would I ever want to fake “torn paper” and make a collage? Honestly. The sureal ones I can maybe see, they being exercises in masking, cutting and light source/shadow matching etc. And don’t get me started on “merged” images. I could have “merged” images a lot better than what was demonstrated but I kept my mouth shut. I don’t what to make it seem like I know eveything in PS or that any of this is beneith me, it’s not, it’s a very good refresher course, but it’s just that. A refresher course. I already know how to cut and paste. Upcoming assignments look like they’re going to offer more of a challange though, I can’t wait for those.

Ok, so I finished those. I was going to give you guys a peak, but since they’re 350M each, I don’t think that’ll be happening. Sorry, they’re not that great anyway.

I did however, have time to scan in my color work. Now, please take into considerate the nature of my assignment. It was to capture 1) saturated color 2) un-saturated color 3) complimentary color and 4) monochromatic colors. I tried as best I could and I think I covered most of my bases. Don’t worry, the next assignment will kick some ass. I’ll actually get to be artistic for a change. Anyway, here’s a look at these 4. They’re nothing special, but they’re something. As before, click for a larger version.

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