Well hello there children. Yesterday was fairly productive. I got chromes done at the darkroom. They’re ok, nothing special. Afterwards I went to see Hearts in Atlantis with Lauren, which was quite good. Anthony Hopkins made up for Hanibal with this one. He’s still a kick ass actor. There was also a few previews for stuff that didn’t look to bad. “The Last Castle” in perticular. I happen to think that James Gandolfinie (aka: Tony Soprono) is bad ass and would see it simply for that.

Today I’ve got lots more work ahead of me. I’ve got a few digital pictures due on Monday and a 3D project to work on. The digital stuff won’t take me long, it’s just a pain in the ass. I’ll let everyone see once I’m done with’em. I’ll post my color prints too.

Oh, I also got inspired to mix again. Haven’t done it yet, but it’s coming, I can feel it. I feel kinda bad that I just made one, now I want to make another, but such is the way of inspiration. We’ll see what time allows. Ok, I’ve got to go transfer laundry, then start on the images. Later.

Current Mood: Productive