Well… good things come to those who wait… and these good things would be world class DJs named Sasha and Digweed. Huzah! If you read this page in the slightest then you know that I just got into the show in Boston on the day after Thanksgiving. A big thanks to Jeff for picking up the ticket. Yippee!

Elsewhere, Lauren’s party last night went over very well and everyone had fun. I got out of class very very early and went over and helped set up. I made some cupcakes and hot cidar while the rest of the girls were cleaning. Later, before the party started, Lauren, Hallie and myself sped out to B&N to browse a bit and then run back and finish making more tasty treats. Everyone showed up around 10:30 and we all had a great time and ate until we were full.

As for today, it’s class registration day. I woke up at 8 and tried to register online but the sever was down… it’s now 12 and it’s just getting back up. Bout friggin’ time. I didn’t get either of the classes I wanted and now I have to rearrange my whole schedule. Wonderful. I’m actually in the middle of doing that, so I’ll get back to ya in a second.