Well, Color was ok. I didn’t need those slide like I thought I did, so that turned out for the better. But, the professor did assign about 3 projects at once, so I’ve got a shit load of work this weekend. It didn’t help that I was tired as hell. I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

I had the most horrible dream. It was one of the ones where you think you’re gonna die but you wake up at the last second. Creepy part was, and I’m not sure this is supposed to happen, but I actually died. I was always told that if you die in a dream, you die for real. Well, the bright light I was seeing sure as hell wasn’t my alarm clock. I was in an elevator and there were too many people on it. The cable snapped and we fell to the basement. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t even worried. I just kept on thinking about Lauren and saying “I love you” over and over again. Then we hit and I could feel everything “crunch” and then nothing, then a white light and I was feeling ok. Then and only then did I wake up. Cold sweat and heart racing, I woke up. I was scared shitless and ran into the bathroom and threw up. I was a bit shaken and couldn’t really get back to sleep. So, today I’m a bit tired. Interesting side note. I decided it was more reasonable to walk the 5 flights of stairs today rather than wait for the elevator. I think I’m still a bit shaken.

But, at least I’m awake now. Time for Digital class. Later.

Current Mood: Sleepy