Well, classes are over, dinner was tasty and now I’m watching glue dry. Yup. What an exciting life I have. Oh well. At any rate, I’m working on my 3D project at the moment… If it dries in time, I’ll post pictures tonight… If not, it’ll be either tomorrow or after I get it back from my professor. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a lamp, made entirely out of old computer parts (well, except for the light bulb). I’m using an old monitor as my “box” and lined the front with circuit boards with the chips removed. It’s kinda cool. The light shines through the boards and creates a greenish glow about the room. Well, it WILL create a glow, as soon as the glue dries.

Before that though, I had classes. Color went well, I had a critique and nothing negative was said, though no creative criticism was offered either. Oh well. I didn’t really like the assignment anyhow. Can’t wait for the next one… oh shit, it’s already due on Monday. Damn, I’ve got to get shooting.

After that was Digital and I had another crit in there as well. This one went better and the professor really liked my work. Huzah!

After class I went over to Lauren’s and we tried to figure out something to do. I came to the conclusion that I could no longer drive safely having no sun glasses whatsoever. I needed something. But, instead of doing what I’ve always done and gone to walmart for $10 cheap’o’s, I decided it was high time I had a real pair of sun glasses. I’ve never had a pair worth more than $20 in my entire life. So, I went to the mall, the last bastian of over-priced commerce, and went shopping. I ended up at the Sunglass Hut and was browsing when I was shown a pair that were simply awesome. The only downside was the price-tag. $149 is way to much to spend on glasses… but, the sales clerk did point out a pair that was nearly identical, only they were $55. This, I decided, was the utmost limit of my spending and tried them on. To make a long story shorter, I bought them. They rule, they’re Kenneth Cole and they’re brownish with rose-ish lenses. They’re really slick.

After that Lauren and I came back here and made dinner. I felt kinda bad about spending $60 on sunglasses, but I needed them and I think I’ve outgrown the “walmart specials” and I plan on having them for quite sometime. (can’t you see I’m trying to justify a large purchase) At any rate, after that I started in on finishing the 3D project and here I am, watching the glue dry.

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