Well, Chris has let me know that the Sasha & Digweed show is a go for the 24th of November. He also let me know that the show is 21+. Have I mentioned how much I hate my life? The biggest, and I mean biggest, DJs in the world are coming to my backyard and I can’t see them. But what about making a fake ID you say? Read this. It’s all about how Massachusetts is cracking down on fake IDs, upping the penalties to jail time and etc, and how Avalon (the place where the show is) is a central place for spotting fakes. DAMNIT!!! Have I mentioned that I turn 21 in DECEMBER!!! Yup, just 27 days after the show, I could have legally gone to it. I hate my life, no, scratch that, I have a good life, I just hate life’s timing. Why? Please, someone tell me why? Why would a show of this magnitude, not be 18+??? Why must the two DJs I want to see most in the world, play in November? I suppose it could be worse, they could be playing on December 20th, the day before, just to mock me. I hate Massachusetts, I hate Avalon, and I hate 21 year olds all over the planet. FUCK!