Well, Chris finally got around to updating his damn page. (’bout time foo!) It seems like he had a good trip, though there’s questionable expectations from MS. As for me, I’m neck deep in school stuffage. I don’t know where money for next semester is coming from, I don’t have money for my final, I don’t have inspiration for my projects. Etc etc etc. Whatever.

In other randomness, Lauren and her roommates are throwing a little shin-dig tonight. Food and beverages and movies, always a wonderful combo. I’m actually bringing the refreshments, so I’ve got to remember to make a trip to the store tomorrow.

I also get to pick my classes on Friday morning (8am, yuck!). I was going to take Studio Photo but there’s only one teacher for the course and everyone (including other teachers) have said that she’s possibly the worst teacher ever. Great. So now I either take a class with a teacher that completely sucks, or I take something else I need to get out of the way and fall a little more behind in my course of study than I already am. Great. Besides studio, I was going to take 20th Century Photo History and Advanced Poety Theory. Maybe I can take Digital 2 or something. I dunno. We’ll see.

I guess thats about it. Time for sleepy. Later.

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