Well, Andy just called a minute ago with an interesting suggestion. Or rather, he called for Jason but ended up talking to me. Either way, Andy is a film and video major and is shooting a piece on Sunday. He thought it might be cool to have “production still” of the shoot. This is where I come in. The next assignment I have for color is “artificial light” and there may be some interesting shots I could take. Hmm, thats a very good possibility. I think I could get some interesting stuff. But, I did promise Lauren I’d go to church with her this Sunday, and I wouldn’t back out on that. Andy does start shooting until 12 and would shoot all day, maybe I’ll just go down around 2 or something.

Alright, besides that, I’m having a bit of a moral delema. Here’s the deal. The student radio station here at school is having their weekly meeting today at 2:00. I had taken an application for “music director” and would be perfect for the job… BUT… I don’t really have time for the job. I really don’t have time for any job. School is usually taking up a good 75% of my day and getting to see Lauren happily takes up the rest. I wouldn’t have time for a job in a store and at some place of buisness, so why would I have time for this. On the other hand, I do NEED a job, I need the money, it’s something that I’d like doing, I’d get paid and Lauren is very understanding about my time managment.

Do I:
A: take the job, have NO time for myself or Lauren and make a tiny bit of money.
B: forget about the job, continue going to the meetings and just become an unpaid DJ but probably work less and have more fun.

I think I’m going to decide on B. It’s tough since I’d really be good at it. But I’d essentially be scheduling the entire radio stations playlist and I can’t imagine that being a quick and non-time consuming task. I still have time to turn this application in if I change my mind, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

How depressing, I’m making desicions in my life based on how much rest I’d get if I did them. Oh well. Ok, it’s nearly lunch time. I think I’ll go make some pasta. Later.