Man, there are some seriously weird things that happen in Savannah. After getting to the sqaure where the Bursars Office is this afternoon, I parked and was walking towards it when I noticed something small and gray and bloody on the ground. Apon closer inspection I found out it was in fact a severed pigon’s head. How wonderful.

Then on my drive home afterwards there was a man, dressed entirely in white, with long beard and one of those little beanie hats (anyone know the name for’em?) standing on the side of the road with a sign quoting something from Revelations 12 and yelling. I don’t have my bible handy, but I can only assume it was the aquivolent of “the end is near”. What a wonderful day so far huh?

In class today however, I did get a lot done on my next project so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. Now I’m home and I’ll hang out and relax for a while until Lauren is able to come over. She’s at an Interior Design lecture until about 8:30. After that I was planning on renting “Roman Holiday” for us to watch. Should be fun. In the mean time, I think I’ll play a little CS or maybe some UT against Jason and make myself some dinner. Later.

Current Music: Sasha & Digweed Live @ Homelands
Current Mood: a little freaked out