I’ve had quite an interesting night/morning. Lauren and I wondered about Savannah last night and took some pictures then came back and took a few more indoors. Hopefully they’ll come out well, Lauren just dropped them off at the photo store for me. I was shooting long exposures and forgot to compensate for resiprocity failure so hopefully they won’t be too bad.

I also got an offer to buy my domain. This would be the third offer I’ve had since the summer. While I appreciate them, I don’t plan on selling my domain. Sorry. It’s a personal thing.

I also got an email from my brother, which is odd, he usually never emails me. But on this occasion he let me know that he more than likely lost my Crystal Method CD, has a new girlfriend and that she has a “sweet ass house”. Here, lemme show you:

I have a new biznatch. Her name is Julia. She’s wicked hot. She’s a freshman ( i know I know) when Aunt Holly heard that she was a freshman she asked me if I was robbing the cradle. So that was really cool. Oh yeah, and she has this sweet ass house on Beacon St. in Boston. Six floors, with a totally sweet “media room” that has this huge screen that comes out of the ceiling, and a huge projector, it’s sweet.

My brother is odd.

Hey, for both you techno AND punk fans… I think Axis double booked on the 24th of November. The 24th is Avalons Sasha and Digweed show (doors at 8) but if you look on the Axis page, theres a listing for Bouching Souls, Flogging Molly and One Man Army on the 24th at 6. I dunno, but I doubt they could have Axis cleaned up in time for Digweed at 8 if that show doesn’t start until 6. Odd.

Anyway. The film will be ready around 4, so I think I’ll head to the darkroom after that, then get together with Lauren and possibly see “Kpax”, that new Kevin Spacy movie. Ok, shower time. Later.

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